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From LingQ member djc463: Testimony

From djc463: „I use to learn foreign languages. This is just a brief testimony showing the results that are possible using lingq. Sorry for any mistakes, it was last minute and unprepared, but that way you get an authentic feeling for my abilities.“
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From LingQ member prigby418: Mis experiencias con LingQ y el aprendizaje de español

From prigby418: „Hello everyone. In my first video, I talk about my experiences with LingQ and learning Spanish, I hope you enjoy it! I wanted to participate in the video contest over at LingQ, here is the link to that:
I would love any feedback and comments on my pronunciation or whatever else. I know I make plenty of mistakes, as I am not a native speaker! Thanks for watching!“
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From LingQ member alsuvi: Mi experiencia con LingQ

From alsuvi: „In this video in Spanish I talk a little bit about my experience with a language learning site called LingQ. I’ve been using this site for about 2 years (along with many other resources in the Internet) and I’m very happy with my progress even though there’s still a long road ahead and I haven’t yet reached my desired level.“
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From LingQ member peter: Je parle au sujet de LingQ

From peter: „Me stumbling along in French, talking about LingQ. I think LingQ is the best language learning website/system available (including conventional schools). I’ve tried to subtitle the video as best I can, please feel free to leave comments / corrections / suggestions with respect to my French or my subtitling efforts. Thanks.“
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