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From LingQ member alsuvi: Nuestro diccionario personal

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In this video in Spanish I try to talk a little bit about the kind of filter we all have in our own native language regarding to the use of the language itself (slang, informality, intensity of word, etc.) and the difficulty of doing this in a foreign language.

El programa en cuestión es El Món a Rac 1:

El espacio en concreto se llama La Paraula del dia:

La sección la llevan a cabo Jordi Basté (el presentador) y Ramon Solsona (el escritor y lingüista).

From LingQ member alsuvi: Out of memory while talking about LingQ

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I run out of memory when I was trying to continue the last video talking about LingQ. We’ll see what happens in this video…

In this video complain about the bluish color of my previous video but, indeed, the camera settings were not accurate in this and the next video, so I’m sorry for the orange tone color!

From LingQ member alsuvi: Trying to speak about LingQ

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In this video I try to speak about LingQ in English. I explain my last incidents while trying to record this video but, all of a sudden I realize that I’m recording in HD so I was reaching the 5 minutes limitation of this recording mode with my DRSL.

From LingQ member alsuvi: Mi experiencia con LingQ

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From alsuvi: „In this video in Spanish I talk a little bit about my experience with a language learning site called LingQ. I’ve been using this site for about 2 years (along with many other resources in the Internet) and I’m very happy with my progress even though there’s still a long road ahead and I haven’t yet reached my desired level.“
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From LingQ member alsuvi: LingQ Meet up in Barcelona

Ayer tuve la oportunidad de conocer en persona a Steve Kaufmann, el cofundador de LingQ, a su mujer y a Òscar. Steve está de viaje por Europa, y entre sus múltiples destinos, ha pasado unos días en Barcelona. Así que ayer Òscar y yo tuvimos el placer de cenar con Steve y su mujer en un restaurante del centro de Barcelona. Una experiencia muy agradable!

Steve Kaufmann:

From LingQ member alsuvi: No existe el mejor acent

En este vídeo me gustaría comentar un concepto o una idea (¿Cuál es el mejor accento en….?) que he oído o me han hecho a menudo respecto al español o incluso al inglés.

In this video I just give my personal opinion about a topic that I have often heard here in Spain or that some people have asked me: Which is the best accent in Spanish or in English?